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AMBJR | the small details Website Blasts Off

by Clyde 'diggin the ride' Jackson

Aug 3, 2023

Big News: Launch Day has Arrived

After tinkering with the layout, jump-starting different features, and electrifying some content, the AMBJR | the small details website is launched and humming, official website of author and artist Anthony M. Briggs, Jr.

"This will be a day long remembered," remarked Lord Vader, who was present for the occasion. "We have seen the end of the rebellion, and will soon see the end of Kynobi."

"This is the launch. Nobody's talking about that," General Shayhan said irritably. "And anyway don't you have it backw- uck! Huck! I'm... just... saying... Huck!"

General Shayhan fell to the ground gripping his throat. Some of the other reporters gathered around to watch. I left at once. This report is over! Clyde 'diggin the ride' Jackson... out!


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