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check it...

when i see the norm i have to wreck it

leave it coming apart like brexit

they swear i got powers and i hex it

but it's simple math, be the best at

what i do

on the storyteller's path

coming through

play with words habitually

it's what i do

i'll run it back eventually

just for you

Anthony M. Briggs, Jr.

so check this...

i need to be the one who wrecks this

see your expectation and think breakfast

a thousand punches in a second

i'm the fist

of the north star

rasputin in the shadows

pulling strings on the tzar

the man, the myth

the jaw dropping drift

interrupting trains of thought

like kanye and taylor swift

The future has no status quo...



aim to be a master storyteller in every respect...

no matter what the medium they know what to expect...

insight and subtext to astound and perplex...

Daily Seven:

The smoke cleared. The noble held the broadsword in both hands, slightly to the side. Apparently he had parried, and the strength of the deflection was so great that Tyranius was forced to roll. The guard slid, leapt to his feet and turned back swinging a blurring three-strike attack. Each blow was deflected by the noble, the prince noted, without taking a step back. In fact, the noble’s parries were so unusually powerful that they pushed his swift attacker into briefly exposed positions. But the noble was not fast enough to take advantage of the opportunities he gave himself.

The Rule of Chaos Vol. 1: Wood vs. Steel

Next Books


from the dark i examine ya

that gray wolf stamina

ten miles and i'm still trackin ya

took down the ones that's backin ya

- The Boy and the Magical Wolf [10%]

(AI Ghost Hunter)
- The Opening Move [Complete]
- Deeds of Darkness [5%]

ial Core)

- The Phantom Spy [Revising]
- Disruptor Mechanics [40%]
- The Seed Incident [35%]

(Chasm Tales)
- True Skill [Revising]
- True Power [30%]

- Fate Essence

(The Rule of Chaos)
- Wood vs. Steel [60%]

(Blood Legacy)

- The Forced Hand [40%]
- The Deadly Gold [20%]

Picture Books
- Smileyface Power [25%]
- Ooney's Big Idea [15%]



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